Hello Everyone- I'm Rachel!

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Hello Everyone- I'm Rachel!

Post  BadWolf on Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:15 pm

Hi guys! Thanks for joining! My name is Rachel and I am the princess who created this site. That being said, if there is anyone else who would like to assist in the running of the site I have no problem making multiple people admins!

But, back to the introduction! I am 23 years old. I live in Florida. I am from Pensacola, FL and I currently live in Gainesville, FL. I started going to conventions back in 2007 when I asked for my senior trip to go to Los Angeles, CA for Celebration 4. Even then I knew I wanted to dress up as Leia in her metal bikini! Though, at that point, I attempted to make the costume with the help of my mother. We used this fabric/paper mache stuff combined with flexible wire. This is how it turned out:

But hey look, I met Darth Vader and he stared at my tits!

Anyway, I decided to buy Jamin's wonderful rendition of the costume sometime in 2009 and haven't looked back. I have the antique gold color, which I love even though it isn't screen accurate.... I feel that is what they should have used. lol. I orignally bought the 1.0 and I loved it for many years. I now I have the 3.0 top, but still the 1.0 bottom (I kind of like it better than the 3.0... shhh!) so my bikini is a bit of a compilation.

I also started attending DragonCon in 2008 and haven't missed a year until this last year (2012) Crying or Very sad but, that was because I had to choose between DragonCon and Star Wars Celebration 6. So I have been at C4, C5 and C6 and DragonCon 2008-2011. Those are my main conventions. I love them! I have many plans of other costumes.... so far I haven't done much other than slave leia. Mainly because of time. I have started on a custom mandolorian build which I hope to finish, eventually. And I hopefully will be doing Rose from Doctor Who at DragonCon 2013.

Other than that nerdy stuff, I have some other nerdy stuff. I just finished my first semester of graduate school. I am in a PhD program at the University of Florida's College of Medicine studying Neuroscience. Pretty stressful and crazy. I swear I would be the most prolific and wonderful costumer if I didn't have to have my real life, but alas I do love science!

Another little tid bit: I love animals, specifically cats, and I did and internship at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. I am very passionate about animal rescue.

That was a small snapshot of my life. Here are a few pictures of me in the bikini!


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